This creepy crypto puzzle has netizens uneasy

One of the writers of the blog recently received a letter from Poland that contained a mysterious CD with a code painted in black marker. On putting it into the computer, he showed a terrifying video showing a man dressed in a black robe and a black beak-shaped mask. The man holds a lantern in his hand and finds himself in an abandoned block, the walls of which are covered in graffiti.

The blogger has asked Internet users for help to help him decipher the message. The response received is creepy. A user has analyzed the message through a spectrogram and has translated the phrase “you are already dead”, “you are already dead”. Another has cracked a code: E2-E3-D1-F3-F1-C4-F3xF7, which is the four-move mate in chess. Another has found the coordinates of the White House in Washington 38.897709, -77.036543. If you pass this code to Morse, you can also read three words “Red Lipslike tenth”, an anagram of “kill the president”, “kill the president”. However, the content and the true intent of these images remain a mystery.

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