Tips to shine in an evening dress at your prom or graduation party

Good good how are you? We enter the time of graduation, promotion and marriage parties. Today I want to share tips so you can choose the right dress for your body type and skin color. An appropriate look for you can make you shine and steal all eyes or even the opposite if you do not plan and organize how to go. 1st Tip.- The color: There are two options of appropriate colors for our skin, the girls that belong to the warm colors, my recommendation is to opt for golden, mustard, orange and red tones.

Those that belong to cold tones, my recommendation is to opt for platinum tones, blue, purple, light blue, etc. If they have not yet identified which palette they belong to, they should look for an Image Consultant who can help them resolve this question. Currently in Shopping Centers they perform free diagnostics to help you identify your color palette. Remember that a certain color can make you shine at your event. 2nd Tip.- Cut: We must know and accept our body, there are many trends that are in fashion but some are not appropriate because they do not highlight the best of us. Let’s always look to stylize the silhouette, if your goal is that I share some tips: Look for the neckline to end in a “V” neckline and accentuate the waist with a sash. 3rd Tip.- Be careful with necklines: Do not seek to draw attention wrongly, it is important not to give the wrong message and remember that our clothes and image communicate what we want and what we are.

If you already wear a neckline at the top, try not to wear it at the bottom. 4th Tip.- Makeup and hairstyle: Many times I witnessed many clients who invested a lot in a dress but not in makeup or hairstyle. Everything is a complement, if you wear a beautiful dress you must have the appropriate hairstyle for your age and face shape. Don’t neglect this part. 5th Tip.- Suitable shoes: If you attend a party, choose to wear comfortable shoes to be able to dance all night but also that you can drive. Do not destroy your entire image if you do not know how to handle high heels or the shoes you chose. I hope you take these brief tips into account and enjoy!

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